How To Earn $10,000 Per Month? how To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2021

Can you make money blogging if you are just starting this year? What are the best ways for beginners to make money blogging? You’ll get the answers to these questions but not only that. I will share with you my story and tell you how I made my first $1000 a month as a blogger and how long it took me to get to that number. And if you are totally new to blogging, stick with me to the end of this video because I will tell you where you can get my Printable Checklist for Beginners. It’s 11 things you should remember to do the RIGHT way when you start a blog on Wordpress. I share my tips on online business and Pinterest marketing every Thursday. So this was my reality in 2017. I was working full time in an office and was secretly planning my escape from the 9-5. I was trying to focus on my blog after working hours, and on weekends. It was quite exhaustive but I was positive that this extra effort was a temporary thing and will allow me to change my lifestyle completely once the blog will start getting traction. 

I promised to tell you how I made my first $1000 / mo with my blog, and when this happened. So it was actually at 11th months blogging when my blog was accepted to a premium ad management company. I’ll talk more about that in a few moments but let me just show you this graph because you’ll see here that I didn’t jump from 0 to $1000/ mo overnight. There was a steady growth of blogging income, I was first making less than $100 a month, then I was making several hundred dollars which was a really nice addition to my day job income. So I was slowly growing my blogging income and what worked for me initially at a few hundred dollars level was Google Adsense and affiliate links. But you know what was the real breakthrough in terms of blogging income? I crossed that first $1000 mark only when I was able to join a premium ad management company. And display ads on the blog started bringing me consistent income from that moment. So let me explain what I am talking about. You know you can apply to Google Adsense with a pretty new website and little traffic but with Adsense you usually will get paid very little and I encourage you as soon as they reach higher traffic volume, try to apply for premium ad management companies. 

One of such companies is called Newormedia and they currently accept websites starting from 30,000 monthly unique users. I want to thank Newormedia for sponsoring this video but honestly, I was going to introduce you to this company anyway because one of the questions that I get asked very often on this channel is which alternatives to Google Adsense I could recommend. And most of these companies want you to have much more traffic, it usually goes anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000/mo sessions as a minimum requirement. And I mentioned that Newormedia accepts websites starting from 30,000/mo unique users. So you’ll get a chance to increase your monthly ad income so much faster with them. Newormedia told me that most publishers see from 20 up to 50% boost in earnings when switching from AdSense because they don’t work only with Adsense but also with other demand partners and that means more competition for your ad placements. One of my favorite things about Newormedia, which is also not very common for many of these companies, is that they don’t require exclusivity. So if you are hesitant about leaving AdSense, Newormedia are still willing to work with you. 

How To Earn $10,000 Per Month? how To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2021

But I am pretty sure that you will want to drop AdSense when you see your ad income improvements from working with Newormedia. You know what, if you not unsure if it’s the right move for you, just check out what you could be making using their free earnings calculator. on their website. I will give you a link to it in the description below this video! You will be surprised by how much more money you can make with them compared to Google Adsense, with the same amount of traffic. At the time when I started monetizing my blog, Newor didn’t even exist, and it’s great that now you have more options. So that was about display ads. I want to just add here that in order to make a decent income from display ads, you do need that traffic volume. And what helped me as a beginner blogger get the minimum required traffic within the first year of blogging, was Pinterest platform. You maybe heard a lot about Google SEO and how it’s important for any website. And it is important indeed. I will give you a link below this video to a free training from a guy who is doing really great with Google SEO. But the problem with it is time. Google SEO is really slow when your website is new. So what I used for my blog to drive my first traffic much faster was Pinterest. And you know on this channel I talk about Pinterest a lot, so if there is any place you can go and learn about Pinterest, it’s in my videos and I also can invite you to a free Masterclass that goes into more details on how this platform can drive you free traffic. 

Check the links in the top right corner and in the description below this video. Now, I hope you now understand what is your next goal after Google Adsense. And if you ask me, honestly, I wouldn’t even bother trying to join Google Adsense when your traffic volume is very low. Adsense is paying so little that I think with a small traffic volume, you can focus first on other monetization strategies that can bring you more income per visitor. What are the other strategies? Well, the easiest to start with is affiliate marketing. What kind of products you will promote as an affiliate and how much you’ll get paid for it in commissions, really depends on your niche. And you will definitely need to check some of your established competitors to see what are the affiliate products they promote. But I can mention here several large affiliate networks that you might want to join because they work with a ton of product and could fit many different niches. Shareasale CJ Affiliates RewardStyle Amazon affiliates is also a well-known option. Depending on your niche, you could give links to services, to digital products like Ebooks, online courses, printable files, and so on. Or you can give affiliate links to physical products. Let’s say you have a blog about Ketogenic diet. With this topic, you could promote as an affiliate both things – digital meal plans and physical products, like protein powder or whatever. I think in every niche you can find something to promote as an affiliate. 

You just need to do some research and maybe you’ll have to apply to some affiliate programs individually, outside of the big affiliate networks that I mentioned. Just as an example, you might not expect to easily find an affiliate program when you are writing a blog about solar panels, right? But funny enough, just last week a company reached out to me offering me to become an affiliate for their solar panel product. I politely refused because that it’s not even close to what I talk about on my channel but you see, affiliate marketing opportunities are possible in almost any niche. You just need to actively look for them. On my blog, since a lot of my content is teaching you how to blog, I have affiliate links to the hosting provider that I used when I started and I can recommend it to any beginner. If you are still in the planning stage and haven’t actually started your blog, I can tell you this company has a great package that includes a free domain for the first year and you’ll be paying just $2.95 per month to have your own piece of land in the online world. They offer this special pricing to my followers, so I’ll give you a link in the description below this video. Check it out there. I also have a click by click tutorial that shows you how to set up a Wordpress blog. The link to this video is in the info icon and in the description down below. 3. Offer any kind of services related to your niche Someone would say well, offering your services on the blog doesn’t mean making money with your blog. 

And I will answer– who said it’s not? If you start a blog about human psychology because it’s your area of expertise. And then you get your first clients who found you only because of your blog? How is it not making money with your blog? Of course, it is! I’ll tell you more. In the business world, it’s actually called content marketing, and many companies have full-time employees who create content for their corporate blogs and even Youtube channels. If having a blog wasn’t profitable and didn’t drive clients to these companies, do you think they would invest into these full-time employees? And even in my personal blogging story 1:1 services played a big role. Because I focused so hard on driving traffic from Pinterest, and got great results for my own blog, I was able to offer my Pinterest management services and 1:1 consultations to other bloggers and businesses. In all honesty, a lot of beginner bloggers should actually start thinking about some kind of services they could provide because until you make your first $1000/mo with display ads, you will probably work on your blog for at least a year. You need to find an alternative income stream and use your blog as a free platform where you can demonstrate your expertise, your skills and knowledge in order to get your first 1:1 clients. 

Again, it doesn’t matter what is your niche. In most niches, there is always something you could offer as a service. If you are an expert in DIY home remodels, you could offer consultations to people who want to do their home renovation. If you think about services and nothing comes to your mind, the easiest you can do is offer your copyrighting to either more established bloggers in your niche, or to some companies that work in the same field. You can use your existing content on your blog as your portfolio. I can’t think of an easier way to make some extra buck for a beginner blogger. There are other ways you could make money blogging but I consider them a more advanced level, I will not talk about them in detail in this video for beginners. It’s creating and selling digital products. It could be simple eBooks or comprehensive signature online courses. Selling your own products means you need to build funnels around them, build an email list, it’s not something you can jump on as a beginner blogger. But if you are considering creating something like this. 

Maybe your own online course for example, then I’ve got you covered in my Stress-Free Courses Accelerator program. If you want to learn more about it, I’ll give you a link in the info icon and in the description below this video. Now remember I promised you at the beginning of the video a Checklist for beginner bloggers, with 11 very important things you should remember to do the RIGHT way when you start a blog on Wordpress. If you miss some of these steps, your blog will exist but when you find out what you’ve done wrong, it will be really hard to fix those mistakes. So check the link in the info icon and in the description down below, and make sure you do things right from the beginning!
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