How to Post on Pinterest Using Phone or Computer in 2021 – How to Use Pinterest for Beginners

hey there this will be a article for someone who is very new to pinterest platform and wants to know how to post on pinterest using a phone or a desktop computer i will show you the best image sizes that work great on pinterest the required video length and the format for video pins and everything else that you need to know about different types of pins that currently exist on pinterest.
go live first before we dive into tutorials and screen sharing which will be the majority of this video i just wanted to give you a quick explanation of what pinterest is and why you might want to use it if you're completely new to this platform so pinterest is a platform that has elements of a social media site and a search engine pins on pinterest can be made of static images of short video clips or even a mixture of these different content formats most of the pins are linked to blog posts maybe e-commerce sites and they can also be linked to instagram accounts or youtube videos anything that you save on pinterest has a longer lifespan than content posted on other social media platforms like instagram facebook or twitter that's because of the search functionality on pinterest users on pinterest can browse their feed but they can also very often use pinterest as a search engine and they can type in some keywords which will help your content get found even months or years after the date you posted it you can use pinterest for your personal boards and the majority of pinterest users actually are just collecting their favorite images or ideas so that they can go back at any time and get a quick access to the content that they liked but there is also a big portion of pinterest users like me for example who use the platform as content creators and marketers we're creating boards strategically to share our content and get free traffic from pinterest back to our website no matter what is your role on pinterest this video will show you how to post on this platform and i will actually go over all the existing pin formats but first let me show you how an established pinterest account looks like on a desktop computer you see these are all the boards that i have on my profile and they're all collections of pins based on the common topic or focus keyword and here are a couple of basic best practices on pinterest that you need to know in regards to the size of pins first your content on pinterest will perform the best if it's optimized for vertical viewing the majority of pinterest users are on mobile apps so horizontal and even square pins do not perform as great as vertical pins second currently pinterest recommends using pin size of at least 1000 by 1500 pixels for image pins video pins ideally should also be vertical but square videos of one-on-one format also are accepted on pinterest now let's take a look at how you will be creating a pin if you are on a mobile device so you have to be logged in into your pinterest app and let me just show you here at the bottom of the screen over here you have this error you have this plus icon that's where you need to click to start creating a pin so you'll click on a pin and let's select one of my i already have in my gallery you have to have the thing that you want to upload on pinterest right there in your gallery on the phone so i selected one of the videos and then i click next it will ask you to to select one of the parts of your video if it's a video pin it will ask you to select the part of your video which you want to use as a cover image so you can just scroll left and right i will just select this part for example and then i will click next here we need to define the title description of the pin and then we'll select also the board which we want to save it so i'm i'm going to just type here a seo optimized seo optimized title for my pin so here you go we have now a title and a description that is a little longer than the title then we'll click next and it will ask us to save it to one of the boards i will find the most relevant board on my account that should be something about pinterest marketing let me just find it okay pinterest marketing tips and pinterest strategy so the penis has been created it's asking me now to just promote the pin but i don't want to create a promoted pin right now here you go now let's take a look at how it looks on a desktop computer now we're on a desktop computer and that's how your pinterest profile might look like and to create a pin usually on the left side corner if you look here you will have an option to create a pin so when we're creating a regular pin it actually can be either an image pin or a video pin so you can upload images and videos here let's start with an image pin i have created my pins in canva actually the tool that i mentioned in my previous pin so here i have several pins and actually the last one will be our video pin because it has some animation here but let's say i want to use this one this version of my pin it's num it's version number two when i click download i will select only the second page and i will want to save it as a png format because it's high quality image the size is 1000 by 2000 pixels and i'm gonna download it to my computer so i can then upload it to pinterest now i just need to drag this pin from the folder where i saved it the download and just upload it here the next step is to optimize your pin for keywords you have 100 characters for the pin title you have up to 500 characters for pin description and if you want to understand exactly how to optimize your pins i have another video on my channel that's focused on pinterest seo tips and i'll give you a link to it in the top right corner in the info icon and also i'll give you a bunch of my videos in the description below this video for anyone who is just a beginner and wants to learn all the basics of how to create pins and promote on pinterest i can tell you honestly that the majority of the pins that i create for my website i do it on the desktop just because it's so much easier to copy paste things to edit the text and basically to optimize your pins compared to when you do this on the phone so now i copied the title of the article i also created a longer description for the pin i copy pasted the url over here the destination link it goes to my website now i will select the most relevant board on my account and i will just select the board and click publish so here's how the pin we can see it here is how this pin works you can go from here from the pin directly to my website now the pin is created but you still can do one more thing not on all accounts this is going to work because pinterest is constantly testing different interfaces and so maybe on your account or maybe on your uh when you're on desktop you don't have it or maybe on mobile you don't have it i didn't have this on mobile actually when i created my pin you just saw it but on on the desktop i have tag products button and that allows me to actually attach some of my other pins that are relevant related basically to this one and to do this i will click on this icon plus i don't have product pins because i'm not an e-commerce site so i will select all pins i will search for something about blogging because that's the way how i quit my day job so i think these are related topics and i will select a bunch of pins related to blogging that will help me get more traffic and actually get some signups to my email list now i just need to click save products then click done and you will notice that under the pin i now have all this other pins related to my main quit the nine to five pin the next thing i want to show you is how to save a video pin on desktop so i'll go back to canva and download page number three because that was where i had this short video pin i will click done it will download it as an mp4 video file now the download was complete i'll just drag and drop the file here actually if you want to know all the requirements to video pins and actually to all the other types of pins i will give you a link at the end of this video i'll give you a link to my special checklist that gives you the full guidelines for all formats of pins on except accepted on pinterest right now once you download it you will have right in front of you all the best practices and recommended dimensions formats for different file types either it's a video pin or it's a regular image pin or maybe if it's a story pin you will have all the recommendations right there and it will be easier for you basically to create pins when you have these reminders in front in front of you so i did the same thing for the video pin i created an seo optimized title description i added the url and you have here something that's called add tags it's not the same tag products thing that you also have it right here add tags is a thing that helps pinterest understand how to categorize your video pins this doesn't show up for regular image pins um so but for video pins you can add them so let's search for something about quitting your job but funny enough i just typed a jaw the word job and that's what i found starting a new job it's actually a perfect keyword here i also like the keyword career um it's kind of related to this topic i couldn't find anything more relevant so i'll just keep these two tags and i will select uh the most relevant board and will save my pin out there now let's have a look at the pin um the difference between a video pin and an image pin is that when you click on it it just will either play it again or allows you to save it but you cannot actually click to the site you can click on the title or on this domain and to go to the article you can also tag products the same way as for the image pins so i'm going to do that another thing that we have here is create an idea pin and it has this icon new next to it that means that not all the accounts will have it i believe that this idea pin is actually the story pins that's at least how it used to be called now it's called idea pin so if i click create new it allows me to basically upload here either videos or images or a bunch of all of those things and i recommend you to start with videos so if you're creating an idea pin you can have several pages but i'm just gonna keep one because i want to make this tutorial a little shorter you could click here at a page and upload another something either another video or another image but i'm just going to go ahead and show you the rest of it you will see here that you can add a title i will select the most relevant board you can also select here some tags so let's search for job starting a new job it's actually the same kind of tags that we saw for the video opinions let me just search for career career advice career transition transition this add a list doesn't um doesn't work really well for our topic so i'm just gonna skip that so we have in the basics we have the tags and the title and we selected the board and now i can just click publish you may be noticed that for the idea pins i didn't have to add any url and you're right that means that you're not sending any traffic from this idea pins but the only reason why you might want to create those is because i believe that pinterest is pushing these new types of form pin formats in their algorithm so it helps you get more eyes on your profile and hopefully someone will follow your account if they see this kind of pins see at the end of the pin they can see your profile name and hopefully this will attract the right type of followers to your account so when you create the actual pins that drive your traffic like image pins for example that's gonna work better for you in terms of traffic and now i'm giving you in the right top corner a link to this checklist where you can see all the formats and recommended sizes and dimensions for different types of pins that are accepted right now on pinterest the most up-to-date recommended practices that you can download and also if you're completely new to this platform and you want to learn how you can benefit from the free traffic that pinterest allows you to drive to maybe your website or maybe if you have an e-commerce site or even if you are an affiliate with some products to those other products and basically make money with pinterest i will give you a link in the top right corner and in the description below this video to my free pinterest masterclass it's a free on-demand training and you will basically understand why you should be on pinterest and how it can help you if you want to build an online business and maybe just make some money on a site even if you have a full-time job a day job maybe you would like to start making some extra money online and that's what you can learn from this master class and that's it for today if you have any questions about pinterest let me know in the comments below the article.

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